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    When You’re Overwhelmed by Everyone Else’s Christmas

    It’s impossible to really love your home until you’ve left it.

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    Wedding In the Woods

    Marriage – where deep calls to deep, and the rib from which she was created, longs to be reunited as one. A symbol on earth as it is in heaven.

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    Loving Through the Wound ~Stepping Up Tuesday, Talking about Stepfamily

      I love you.  Each child hears these three words each night before sleep wrestles those busy little minds, and bodies, into angelic slumber.  Why are they not this darling all of the time?   Each morning Doc and I make breakfast for the children – bacon, eggs, biscuits, orange juice, milk – at first they…continue reading…

  • In What Neighborhood Are You Living?

    Tips for Finding Balance in the Family – Stepping up Tuesday- Talking About Stepfamily

    On the crest of a cool breeze, the fresh scent of pine fills the air, and pink blossoms from a towering Crepe Myrtle carpets the patio like spray from the Master Painter’s brush.   I survey the landscape of home after our absence of two weeks where we visited my stepdaughter .  She has graduated…continue reading…

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    Stepping Out Tuesday! Talking about Discipline

    Discipline is always an issue in stepfamilies.   Sometimes tension develops when making decisions regarding what issues need to involve the stepparent, and what issues should be handled by the birth parent without discussion.   We debate what information should be shared.  Sometimes it is rather insignificant, and other times we might try to avoid discussing…continue reading…

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    Lessons in Leaning

          This thing called Motherhood, I don’t know if I will ever have it figured out completely.  Birth children, step children, grandchildren, His children, my children all muddled up trying to get through this life the best we know how.   When they are young, we are their first understanding of God.  To…continue reading…