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    The Rock In The River

    Don’t we all walk close to waters deep but with no peace? Don’t we all have days of searching for hidden stones to cross rising waters?

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    Stones in My Path

    Frantic prayers were hurled upward toward heaven as decisions were being made in my head. Turn back? Go forward? Climb the hill and risk a bite from a snake hidden beneath rocks? Think, Diane, think!

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    This is the word I have been desperate for the whole time, and now I tremble at its appearance for fear of what might be required.

  • Hope

    The Secret Prostitute

    Wearing a dress  everyday in the month of December, to take a selfie, to bringing attention to those taken into slavery was getting old. Not that the cause was getting old, but my enthusiasm was waning. After two weeks I was becoming disenchanted with the whole Dressember fundraiser and I was longing for my comfortable jeans. But at the…continue reading…

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    Empty Nest Syndrome ~ Elaine Pool

    God has recently been telling me, “Give it away” and that is just what I am doing! I’ve invited some beautiful souls from my favorite Facebook community for women in the 50+ season of life, The Consilium: a Gathering of Wisdom and Grace. Enjoy the words from their hearts and, if you don’t mind, would…continue reading…

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    Beneath The Boughs

    I have no desire to move from this place, I only want to sit here beneath it’s brightly garnished boughs and listen to Him speak. Not from lofty and high places, but from within my heart. The place He has humbly lived with me for over fifty years.