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    When Things Go Wrong – He Knows

    God knew what would be, and He knows His love is strong enough get you through.

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    Pursuing Passions and Experiencing Rejection

    It is easy to confuse rejection with being liked or even loved.

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    Believing God is Really There

    Sometimes we might try to build walls between God and ourselves, unknowingly, because we think we are on our own and need to defend ourself and our family.

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    It’s a Girl!

    All of us want to be loved a approved by God and by people. But when God doesn’t fill our love tank as fast, or in the way we think He should, we tend to find idols to take the place of God’s love. Things like wardrobe (Ahem), Shoes, people or jobs – can you identify?

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    God of Peace

    There is something in us that says, if we are the best dress, intelligent, wittest then we will be loved, accepted and wanted.

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    His Banner Over You is “Loved”

    It is said, they raised the flag in hopes it could be seen on the neighboring island, where others were fighting; a sign of victory and encouragement.