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Bless the Children and Animals

Doc and I were in the Biloxi and New Orleans area last year.  There, we found some of the most spectacular images with our cameras. So we spend several hours on a bridge, dodging traffic and took pictures of a marsh area.

As Hurricane Isaac continues to grind at the edge of land, eating away the dunes and flattening the marshes I am praying for the people as well as the wild life in that area.

The Lord gave Adam the responsibility of caring for this world He had created for us.  When Adam and Eve left the garden, their labor increase,  but God never took away the responsibility for caring for the earth and the life within it.

Won’t you join me today in prayer for this area?

Here are some images from our trip

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  • http://susanstilwell.com Susan Stilwell


    • http://dianewbailey.wordpress.com dianewbailey

      Thank you Susan

  • Judy Stewart

    So powerful, so sorrowful. A lady being interviewed said “I trust God but I don’t trust the levees.” Aren’t we told to trust only God? I have thought about her statement and find it profound.

    • http://dianewbailey.wordpress.com dianewbailey

      I hear the same lady and was touch by her comment as well. Thank you Judy

  • http://therealbarbie.wordpress.com Barbara Koob

    Praying for God’s divine protection. Believing that when God’s people pray for protection, He answers. Lovely pics as usual.

    • http://dianewbailey.wordpress.com dianewbailey

      Thank You Barb.

  • http://www.newequus.wordpress.com Mindy Bowman

    Diane these are beautiful photos! Praying all of this stays intact!

    • http://dianewbailey.wordpress.com dianewbailey

      Thank you Mindy, I’m praying too. Over the years I have watched several hurricanes pound this area, and watched as it restores. God has an amazing restoration plan in place for more than just us. He heals the earth when it turns on its self. Amazing.

  • http://thejoyfulservant.com/ Ms. Kathleen

    What gorgeous photos… We are praying the hurricane burns out quickly… Lord come quickly!

    • http://dianewbailey.wordpress.com dianewbailey

      Amen, Kathleen, Amen

  • http://twitter.com/elramey debra elramey (@elramey)

    Beautiful photos! Beautiful words!
    Joining you in prayer…

    What are your impossible dreams?

    • http://dianewbailey.wordpress.com dianewbailey

      Thank you Debra.

  • dukeslee

    Wow! Stunning photos here.

    • http://dianewbailey.wordpress.com dianewbailey

      Thank you sweet Jennifer.

  • http://caryjo-roadrunner.blogspot.com Joanne Norton

    Loverly, as usual. I have a “bird” addiction. You just blessed me.

    • http://dianewbailey.wordpress.com dianewbailey

      Joanne, I too am a “bird nurd”! And proud of it! ~

  • http://myyearlongjourney.wordpress.com Marisa

    I’m stopping by and following from Susan Stilwell’s blog. What a treat you’ve blessed me with this morning. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

    • http://dianewbailey.wordpress.com dianewbailey

      Marisa, I’m sorry it took so long to show your comment. I’ve been out of town. Thank you for your kind comment. It is so very nice to meet you! You have out with one of my favorite people (Susan Stilwell)

  • http://www.facebook.com/estherjoygrusinghunter Esther Joy Hunter

    Awesome, awesome photos! And yes, praying for the people, and thanks for reminding us of the needs of the animals! I hadn’t thought of that!

    • http://dianewbailey.wordpress.com dianewbailey

      Thank you Ester! You are a blessing.