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  • Judy Stewart

    It is lovely and thank you for doing this. Love you

    • http://dianewbailey.wordpress.com dianewbailey

      Thank you Judy, Love you too!

  • http://caryjo-roadrunner.blogspot.com Joanne Norton

    Revelation is one of my main hangouts. With lovely, creative photos combined with His Word, I anticipate that He is blessed… so are we.

    • http://dianewbailey.wordpress.com dianewbailey

      Thank you Joanne, I find Revelation fascinating as well. And I am a Blessed woman!

  • http://www.juneinspiredby.com June

    Stunning shot, Diane!

    • http://dianewbailey.wordpress.com dianewbailey

      Thank you June. So nice to meet you!

  • http://wynnegraceappears.wordpress.com wynnegraceappears

    Oh Diane, its a pleasure to meet you, I am visiting from Deidra’s today. Bless your beautiful choice of GOD’s word and your gifted view from behind the camera lense. Stunning and awesome wonder. Thanks for sharing beauty today.

  • http://reflections-besidestillwaters.blogspot.com/2012/08/i-will-tell-of-all-your-wonders.html LISA MORELAND

    Pale dusty pink, patterned wings… exquisite image of His creation!

    • http://dianewbailey.wordpress.com dianewbailey

      Thank you Lisa. Our God is amazing

  • http://upliftingwords.wordpress.com Stefanie

    (Visiting from The Sunday Community)

    Nice photo and great verse!
    Happy Sunday…

  • http://www.sharono-somethingtothinkabout.com/ Sharon O

    He is worthy… He is awesome… no one is like him.

    • http://dianewbailey.wordpress.com dianewbailey

      Amen, Sharon, Amen

  • http://susanstilwell.com Susan Stilwell

    I’m on the butterfly wavelength with you this week!

    • http://dianewbailey.wordpress.com dianewbailey

      I saw that, Susan! Great minds…