A ring given as a promise is made, and what was two is now one.

And the young girl, whose dress is the color of innocence and whose dreams are tied up in bows makes her way forward with thoughts of one day. Those in silk and taffeta remember when they too were knee-high to a grasshopper and smile.

Old men wrap the arm, which is much thicker than on the day of vows, around the love that dabs her eyes with joy. Remember their time before family, friends and God, whispering in echo the vows being made.  Dreams of yesterday, and dreams of tomorrow dance in the twinkle of the eye.

Then the celebration beings, with wine and dancing, rejoicing and remembering, and somewhere in the crowd a young woman meets a young man and the cycle begins again.

How apropos for the first miracle, the first gift of redemption, to be given during the wedding celebration.  The wine given, created in pots set in place for purification.

Now, the water for purification becomes the wine of testimony,  created by obedience to the One with the authority to redeem, to purify, and to present the bride without spot or wrinkle.

As the two become one, the Word donning a robe of flesh, begins His work to become one with His bride.


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